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I’m Rishad Ahmed

Certified Life Enhancement Coach
NLP Master Practitioner
Relationship Coaching Specialist
Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

Relationships Masterclass

Relationships Specialist

The relationship you have with others is the relationship you have with yourself. 

The goal

Bringing Awareness and Presence to your Relationships.

Watch the video

Watch this 3-minute video introduction to the Relationships Masterclass by Rishad Ahmed.

6 weeks

6 x 90 minute group sessions of maximum of 12 people. Once per week on Wednesdays.

You will get

a clear understanding of the nature of relationships.

A deep understanding

 of the ego mind and its needs.

A strong perception

 of how to build strong and long lasting relationships.

Who is this course for?


Reletioships are difficult magical forever not for me the meaning of life human

Anyone who wants to improve...

the quality of their relationships and ability to communicate with anyone at any level. They want to perceive and feel connected to their closest friends and family.

People seeking to improve their...

communication skills in the professional environment to be able to effectively communicate their needs and objectives to get the career or business outcomes they ultimately seek.

Single people looking at getting into...

a relationship and feel deeply connected to their partners. They want to see the patterns and signposts for what is needed to
resonate at the same frequency as their partners.

Those who have been in relationships and...

feel they need work to change the type of person they are attracting

Couples who feel...

they need to upgrade their emotional awareness and connection to each other.

Couples who see that...

investing in their relationships and having superior communication and alignment will help them keep their relationships strong and deeply meaningful.

Modern Day are Humans Lost in the Chaos of disguised as Freedom.

With the advent of technology and social media our level of disconnectedness from ourselves has grown to a disastrous level where we don’t know ourselves at all anymore. It is of no surprise that we don’t know the people around us either.

We feel more unsettled, insecure, uncertain and afraid of taking any direction since there are so many variables and so many more choices almost impossible. If we can’t make a decision with certainty, we can’t act with certainty. When we act with reluctance, we open ourselves to doubt.

Since most people dont know themselves outside of their conditioned minds, there will be resistance and judgement on just about anything we do or say from others. Social etiquette changes weekly and a new term or sub-term for a person, culture, action or behaviour is confusing the crap out of us!


All problems are interpersonal relationship problems.” – Alfred Adler.

We are told by so many experts how to behave, how to speak, how to be “good” people, how to raise our children, foster relationships, be politically correct, evolve with modern times and how to be according to the ever-changing status quo. There are so many standards to uphold and so many expectations from the other person. We think we fall in love with a person for who they are, only to discover later that our love is conditional and dependent upon our needs and value systems. Sometimes we tolerate in what we call the honeymoon period, certain behaviours because we think that somewhere along the line we will be able to change the other person according to our belief system, only to get disappointed and bitter.

We expect the other person to make us feel better, happier, about certain issues, because we do not want to work with ourselves on resolving them. That is not fair on us or the other human being.

And unless we deal with ourselves, we will keep on moving from one relationship to the other, from one ‘bad person’ to another in a perpetual vicious cycle of trying to find
fulfilment outside ourselves.

Unless we accept and love ourselves, we can never achieve true connection in our
intimate relationship.

We will never be able to feel what true love for another person feels like, and as it
happens with many relationships: we end up being committed to our relationships and not our partners, which can only lead to more unhappiness and disconnection.

So, how can we know how to be with ourselves and how to act with the others? Can we find this out by reading the latest bestseller or listening to a person who was conditioned by the current society?

It is evident that the current way of thinking and feeling about ourselves, our intimate companions, work colleagues and our view of the world is not working simply by looking at the rate of suicides amongst developed nations as well as anti-depressant usage, failed marriages, porn and substance abuse and lack of meaning in our everyday experience.

From last check 75% of all marriages end in divorce, 60% of the US population is on mood controlling medication whilst substance abuse and porn usage are increasing at astronomical levels.

Future generations are choosing to live by themselves, having their devices and the metaverse as their real world since they wont invest the energy to develop deeply
meaningful relationships.

The reality is there is no substitute for human relationships. We know ourselves through others and give life meaning through others.

When man lost connection to nature, he no longer knew who he was. Man now needs to cling to family and community to be rooted in his own identity to avoid being lost” – Eric Fromm

Therefore, now more than ever, it is vital to take a deep dive into the depths of our personality to reveal the blocks and limitations in us that may prevent us from having the best relationships with those closest to us. Whether we are in a relationship or not.

About this course

I have been guiding individuals and couples for over a decade on how to find meaning, purpose, joy and love in life, at work and at home. Most of my coaching sessions focus on my client’s relationships with others. I have been researching the topic of relationships for many years and have gained valuable knowledge from modern writers and ancient wisdom. After searching online for a course or a method that is encompassing and robust for modern times, I failed to find anything that can significantly help couples live a fulfilled co-existence.


I decided to put together a course that would cover the most valuable topics and details to enable an individual to thrive in life and thrive with others. Whether it be a spouse, partner, co-worker, or friend, this course will help you master relationships at a very deep level.


I have combined the best teachings, methods, teachers, and philosophical principles to bring it all together in a perfect package that you can use for the rest of your life. This course covers teachings from Eric Fromm, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Buddhist teachings, Japanese culture, Rumi and ancient Vedic, tantric and Taoist practices.


Most relationship courses cover goals, interests, habits, and patterns but very few align us on an individual level first to uncover our true selves beneath the ego level. Not many coaches or therapists talk about finding true love and joy within yourself and recognising your limitations, inclinations, entitlements, and deeply rooted subconscious beliefs. It is my belief that the only way to succeed with another person is to get to know yourself well – beyond the mask you have created and pretend to be.


About Rishad Ahmed

Rishad Ahmed is a Certified Life Enhancement Coach and NLP Master Instructor. With over a decade of experience guiding individuals and couples to achieve their dreams, Rishad has a passion for seeing people get to know each other at the deepest level. Rishad believes the world needs connection desperately but not attachment.

Rishad has a wonderful wife and 4 amazing daughters. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa and travels extensively to conduct workshops and seminars. Rishad went through his own journey with himself through much struggle and dealing with anxiety and depression before realizing that he could find happiness and inner peace once he knew where and how to look. He brought this awareness and practice to his wife and family and now lives a full life bringing awareness and presence to his family and his friends. Rishad’s marriage has not been a happy one but a deeply meaningful and nourishing one with ups and downs and many turns. To him, this is the definition of a healthy relationship. It is about building resilience in individuals, couples and families and not just happy people.

“Happiness is a temporary emotion, not a goal or state to live by or live for. Happiness is a by-product of effort, commitment, resilience and awareness.”

– Rishad Ahmed


Thank you Rishad for being the best life coach, a godsend when I needed it the most, during this past year. All my little triumphs were thanks to your encouraging supportive spirit! Here’s to the best life coach! We all need a push, a cheerleader, and guidance and Rishad was all of that and more. Thanks to you I have the courage to take my passion further and beyond! Thank you

Zaheera A.

Rishad Ahmed is an exceptional life coach, mentor, and leader. His magnetic personality is contagious. He is knowledgeable, inspiring, and motivating. He is an excellent listener and observer, almost zen-like in his approach to tailoring to your individual needs. The meditations he shares and advises will energize you to go beyond your core beliefs and maximize to reach your full potential. His feedback is easy to receive, leaving one wanting more. He is more than a mentor. I cannot say enough about Rishad and how blessed my life has been working with him. I highly recommend Rishad as a life coach, mentor, leader, and friend. Your life will be changed.

Carla S.

Rishad has been an amazing life coach who has helped me to gain perspective on my life and career. His approach to life is unique and liberating. His tools are very empowering and simple to follow. What I gained was the clarity of mind, peace and stillness in my heart, and joy for the simple pleasures in life. I highly recommend him if you want to live a life of passion and purpose.

Seraj C.

What’s Included in the Course?

6-week programme
6 x 90 minute group sessions of maximum of 18 people.
Schedule: Once per week.
First intake: Mid-August.

Practices and exercises to be performed daily during this time.
These practices will change how you
think and feel about yourself, people and situations using powerful guided practices and exercises.

Homework and relationship-building tasks to effectively strengthen communication and awareness
with those around you.

Dedicated WhatsApp support group with others undertaking the journey with you.

You will have access to myself and other senior coaches to guide you through the process and help
where necessary.

Dedicated email support with access to myself and my team within 24 hours of receiving your


Special discounts for private 1 on 1 sessions if required.]

Full access to meditations and practices developed over a decade incorporating advanced technology to bring about effective change that has helped thousands of people achieve their joy, inner peace and bliss.

An internationally recognised certificate from Zen Coach international.

What you will get out of the course.


  • A clear understanding of the nature of relationships.
  • A deep understanding of the ego mind and its needs.
  • A strong perception of how to build strong and long-lasting relationships.
  • Tools and techniques to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with those who you seek to strengthen your bonds with
  • A profound grasp of what unconditional love and non-attachment feel like in relationships
  • A knowledge of how to feel and love deeply and how to share this with others.
  • Expert knowledge of yourself to be able to see into your shadow self and its obstacles in finding your true self- free of limited and conditioned patterns.
  • A love for life and clear reflection of its wonder and splendour and how you can savour every moment with a sense of wonder, fullness, purpose and purpose and depth.
  • You will learn to thrive in any relationship whether it is with a spouse, partner, work colleague, boss or child.
  • You will have profound benefits for your wellness, your inner peace, true purpose, unbounded joy and deeply meaningful relationships with yourself and with everyone around you.
  • Learn to live beyond the ego mind and its limited need to dominate and possess to allow others to be as they are and allow yourself to be as you are – perfectly magnificent.
  • Learn how to use sexual energy to transmute it into spiritual and creative energy and let go of guilt and shame feelings that dominate the western mind.
  • Let go of feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem and lean stop comparing yourself to others to realise the wonder and marvel of who and what you are already.

Don’t wait any longer. Start owning your relationships today.

Please fill in this form with your details. A team member will advise on availability and payment details. You may request additional information here as well.


Payable upfront: $ 1,470 (USD)

10% Discount – to encourage partners and couples to work on their relationships together, we are offering a 10% for the person you bring along with you.

Topics covered

Knowing yourself
  • Uncovering your shadow self
  • Recognising your thought patterns and unconscious beliefs
  • What are your fears and dreams? What do you want to feel before you die?
  • What is the ultimate expression of yourself?
  • Do you know how to feel love and be loved?
  • Are you open to losing if you give all of you?
  • Are you holding back because you’re afraid?
    How your triggers reveal your fears
  • What is the worst that can happen in a relationship?
  • What are you most afraid of in life?
  • How do you see yourself to yourself?
  • How do you see yourself to your friends?
  • How do you see yourself to other people of the same sex?
  • What do you want to be known to be?
  • How do you know you’re being loved?
  • How do you know your love is being received?
  • What irritates you in others and how to find it in yourself
  • Understanding your buttons and why others push them
  • Divine ecstasy, absolutely certainty
  • Finding the true self
  • Falling in love with yourself again
  • Connecting to your inner child
  • Becoming a vessel of love and a conduit of joy and peace
  • Radiating your light
  • Creating space within yourself
  • Loving yourself again
  • Connecting with the inner child
  • Recognising patterns in you
  • Overcoming old, conditioned patterns
  • Understanding your greatest fears in a relationship and how you’re manifesting  them unconsciously anyway
    Your partner and You
    • Understanding what you lack and how you attracted this person.
    • What is the role of your partner in achieving your goals?
    • How does your partner feel about your presence? Is it ease or irritation?
    • Were you attracted to each other because of your mutual interests?
      What are your higher values and goals?
    • Does your partner align with these?
    • How your spouse sees behind the mask you pretend to be and why that irritates you
    • Why does your spouse irritate you but your friends don’t?
    • What mask do you wear: to yourself, your spouse and to the world
    • What do you want out of life? What does your partner want?
    • How will your children know what they want in life?
    • How did you attract this person?
    • What do they have that I have?
    • Can we make it work?
    Inherited family patterns
    • Looking for your parent in a partner
    • Looking at your siblings, parents and grandparents for similar traits
    • What you complain about the most reveals your patterns
    • What does your family patterns display about marriage?
    • How were you raised unconsciously?
    • What was your unconscious belief about life and marriage as a child?
    • How do your siblings fair in their relationships?
    • What are the common patterns you see in your parents and your relationship?
    • Were you shown what love was?
    • Were you raised to be independent?
    • What was the trauma in relationships you inherited?
    • Your parent’s siblings and their stories.
    • Dealing with childhood trauma
    • Identifying past relationships that created pain in the current one
    Tools and Techniques for creating a strong bond that stands the test of time and turbulence
    • Bringing a higher dimension to the relationship
    • Finding common higher values that extend beyond the relationship
    • Recognising the wisdom of opposites views and opinions
    • Creating a healthy distance in needs and wants
    • Letting go of the need to control
    • Aligning on a greater Purpose that extends beyond the relationship
    • Supporting each other in a healthy way
    • Giving each other space to grow
    • Living with Presence and Awareness
    • Using words and actions to keep relationships strong
    • Keeping the spark alive
    • Reconnecting to the self that originally fell in love.
    • Realising how imperfect you are
    • Realising why you’ll never find “the one”
    • Exaggeration of emotions that become mundane
    • Finding the real person in you and your spouse
    • Admiration and deep recognition of the divine in the other
    • Recreating new experiences daily
    • Seeking guidance from each other
    • Seeking mutual interests outside of the marriage
    • Finding individual purpose and meaning in life
    • Living together but living independently
    • What kind of children do you want to raise?
    • How will you teach your children how to live?
    • Do you want to be their friend or teacher?
    Understanding The Conditioned Mind
    • Our basic primal instincts and how they deceive us
    • The animal brain and desire
    • The monkey mind that survives on problem creation
    • Understanding what stimulates us and why
    • Confirmation bias and its negative effects
    • Entitlement
    • Victim mindset
    • Personality types
    • Cognitive types
    Ego-less Communication
    • Become an effective listener
    • Dealing with hurt
    • Dealing with rejection
    • Dealing with lack of love
    • Dealing with not feeling wanted.
    • Understanding male vs female language cues
    • Having honest conversations
    • Realising the nature of the conflict
    • Applying compassion with anger
    • Communicating effectively
    • Helping each other to find their true selves
    • Using wisdom and compassion to point out destructive patterns
    • Creating space for your spouse to evolve
    • Letting go of expectations
    • Letting go of ego living
    • Dealing with children
    • Handing conflict
    Sex and Sexuality – Use sex to transmute your relationship into Spiritual and Divine Ecstasy.
    • Toaist secrets to the bed chamber
    • Having sex with our bodies instead of our minds
    • A man wants to feel adored
    • A woman wants to feel safe
    • How does your partner need to receive love and adoration?
    • Tantra and love making
    • Transmuting animal passion to spiritual ecstasy
    • Uniting the sexes within each of us
    • Embracing the opposites in us
    • Using sex to bring us closer to our divine nature
    • Separating sex from orgasm
    • Channelling sexual energy for creative energy
    • Falling in love with your body
    • Tantric practices
    • Separating lust from love
    • Using your partner to reach divine bliss
    • Kundalini energy and the serpent in the spine.